Frontend Development
Frontend development refers to the practice of creating the user interface and user experience of a website or web application. It involves designing and building the visible parts of a website that users interact with directly. Frontend developers use a combination of programming languages, frameworks, and tools to create responsive, interactive, and visually appealing web interfaces.


JavaScript frameworks and libraries are wildly and widely popular. They help developers build robust, responsible web apps and can be compatible with both desktop and mobile platforms. If you’re unsure of what kind of programming you need, fear not. Our project managers and developers will help you make the right call.


Angular is a popular open-source front-end framework maintained by Google. It’s proud to be a part of the rich JavaScript ecosystem, being used for building high quality mobile and desktop web applications. Angular technologies offer a huge set of advantages that are loved by all programmers and entrepreneurs. For a long time, This framework has been considered as “The default front-end tool”, by professional developers, thanks to its versatility and the ability to combine UI elements and business logic. Nowadays, it still remains one of the most popular software development technologies, offering various features that help to scale, optimize, and speed up platforms on the web.


React is another popular JavaScript library that results in robust web applications. React renders quickly, is easy to maintain, and helps ensure code stability — the latter of which is of course important to end users, who just want an app that works. React also has the advantage of being SEO friendly, helping websites boost their Google rankings. Rather than just praying to the spirits of the internet to increase your web presence, you can rely on React to provide some SEO value.